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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Challenge - 215-words about Why AVERAGE is AWESOME!

I'm pretty much average in practically every way. Pick nine random other people and line me up with them. Rank us on anything you like and I'll fall somewhere in the middle nearly every time.

Looks? Normal.
Height? Average for an American.
Weight? On the heavy side of average.
Brains? The smart side of the scale.
Funny? Just as much as that guy in the other cubicle.

I define normal. I am the yardstick of normal.

I am awesome!

Know why? I try not to measure myself against other people. I am not in competition with you, only with myself. If I am always trying to compete against what I perceive as your strengths I'll always fall short. But if am only in competition with myself, I control the whole system. That makes me awesome.

And since it’s me vs. me in everything . . . I win!

I am an average guy in a one-on-one battle against my average self only. This isn’t to say I don’t try to improve myself. I do. But I do not try to outdo you, only myself. I can never be as _______ as I think you are (never mind your faults that I’ve ignored) but I can be my best _______ and proudly.


1 comment:

  1. Why is average awesome? Because it means that I on days like today, when I am definitely NOT at my best -- didn't get done what I needed to, felt tired and just overwhelmed, yelled at the kids too much, etc. -- I can remember that I am just a human being. I can always try to do my best, but I won't always BE my best. And that's okay. If you take the average of me at my best and me at my worst, I think I come out pretty darn well. :)